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Bag Making Polythene Products Zambia Limited
Plastic Bag Making

We have multiple automatic high speed bottom and side sealing machines specially designed to make bags and pouches for an array of packaging solutions. We currently produce bags for packing bread, chicken and other food products. We also offer the options of a D-punch and high quality sealing arrangements.

We produce a range of carrier bags to accommodate our customers packaging requirements. These types of bags are ideal for super market and grocery stores. We are proud to offer be a partner of Symphony Environmental which allows us to offer our customers oxo-biodegradable bags.

We offer a range of customization options to suit our customer’s needs:

  • Bags can range from 30 micron up to 80 micron.
  • Common sizes are 12 liter and 24 liter.
  • Bags can be biodegradable.
  • We offer bottom seal, side seal, and D-punch sealing options.

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